List of Articles

Lanaguage Research. Vol. 53, No. 2, 2017

An HPSG Approach to English Comparative Inversion
Lang. Res. 2017;53(2):203-230.
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An Acoustic Study of the Word-final Lateral Approximant in Korea
Lang. Res. 2017;53(2):231-245.
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On Caseless Fragments and Some Implications
Lang. Res. 2017;53(2):247-286.
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Coerced Relative Clauses in Korean
Lang. Res. 2017;53(2):287-320.
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Syntactic Ambiguity Resolution and Task Influence by Korean Learners of English
Lang. Res. 2017;53(2):321-341.
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Intervention Effects and Specificity Effects in Wh-questions
Lang. Res. 2017;53(2):343-378.
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