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Pre-Service Primary English Teachers’ AI Chatbots
초등영어 예비교사들이 개발한 인공지능 챗봇
Lang. Res. 2020;56(1):97-115.
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On Some (A)symmetrical Properties of Scramblings
Lang. Res. 2022;58(1):1-30.
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Foreign Language Anxiety and Self-Efficacy: Intermediate Korean as a Foreign Language Learners
Lang. Res. 2019;55(2):431-456.
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Effects of types of input frequency distribution on second language construction learning
입력 빈도 분포 유형이 제2언어 구문 학습에 미치는 영향
Lang. Res. 2018;54(3):509-529.
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Analysis of Question Types in Second Foreign Language SNULT as a Language Testing Tool: Focusing on German and Japanese Tests
언어평가 도구로서의 제2외국어 SNULT 문제 유형 분석 - 독일어와 일본어 시험을 중심으로
Lang. Res. 2019;55(S):93-114.
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A Validity Argument for the Interpretation and Use of Revised TEPS Scores
개정 TEPS 점수해석 및 사용에 대한 타당도 논증
Lang. Res. 2019;55(S):65-74.
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A Multi-Dimensional Comparison of CSAT English Reading Passages before and after the Use of Criterion-Referenced Assessment
절대평가 도입 전후 수능 영어 읽기 지문의 다차원 비교
Lang. Res. 2022;58(1):61-89.
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Flaming in Internet Forums on Abortion: A Contrastive Pragmatic Analysis
낙태에 관한 인터넷 포럼에서의 플레이밍 현상: 대조화용론적 분석
Lang. Res. 2018;54(3):399-422.
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Similarities and Differences between Repetitive Constructions with the Bound Nouns twung and tus in Korean
의존명사 ‘둥’/‘듯’ 반복 구성체의 공통점과 차이점
Lang. Res. 2022;58(1):91-118.
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Negative Politeness in Korean Questions: Interaction between Epistemic Uncertainty and Conventional Indirectness
Lang. Res. 2018;54(2):229-247.
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A Study of the Plural Marker ‘-tul’ in Korean
우리말의 복수 표지 ‘-들’에 관한 소고
Lang. Res. 2021;57(3):225-243.
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The Morphosyntax of Jejuan –ko Clause Linkages
Lang. Res. 2019;55(2):315-354.
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Degree Equative Constructions in English
Lang. Res. 2022;58(1):31-59.
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Reliability of TEPS Section Scores and the Total Score
TEPS 하위영역 점수 및 총점에 대한 신뢰도 분석
Lang. Res. 2019;55(S):51-64.
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Speaking and Writing Connections in L2: The Roles of Multimodal Teaching and Learning
Lang. Res. 2020;56(2):263-286.
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Examining Cloze Tests as a Measure of Linguistic Complexity in L2 Writing
Lang. Res. 2019;55(3):627-649.
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The Effects of Phonetic Duration on Loanword Adaptation: Mandarin Falling Diphthong in Chinese Korean
Lang. Res. 2020;56(2):225-261.
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Coerced Relative Clauses in Korean
Lang. Res. 2017;53(2):287-320.
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A Study on the High School French Performance Assessment
고등학교 프랑스어 수행평가 실태 연구
Lang. Res. 2020;56(1):117-139.
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Two Types of there-sentences and Feature Specification
Lang. Res. 2019;55(2):281-314.
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