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The Syntax and Interpretation of Korean Semantically Defective kes as an Instance of Deep NP Anaphora
Lang. Res. 2023;59(3):219-236.
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The Morphosyntax of Jejuan –ko Clause Linkages
Lang. Res. 2019;55(2):315-354.
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Second Language Acquisition of Pseudo-VP-Ellipsis and Gapping in Korean
Lang. Res. 2023;59(3):237-252.
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Relationship between Task Complexity and Learner Factors: An Analysis of Intermediate and Advanced Learners of Korean Language
Lang. Res. 2024;60(1):55-81.
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Analyzing Lexical Simplification in Interviews of Donald Trump and Joe Biden: Tracking the Trend of Simplification in Presidential Discourse Using Lexical Sophistication Indices
Lang. Res. 2023;59(3):193-217.
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Influence of L2 proficiency and typological similarity on acquisition of L3 stops
제 3언어 폐쇄음 산출에 대한 제 2언어 능숙도와언어 간 유형적 유사성 효과
Lang. Res. 2024;60(1):1-28.
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The Effects of Phonetic Duration on Loanword Adaptation: Mandarin Falling Diphthong in Chinese Korean
Lang. Res. 2020;56(2):225-261.
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A Corpus-based Analysis of Collocations in Korean Middle and High School English Textbooks
Lang. Res. 2020;56(3):437-461.
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Exploring the effects of self-esteem in FLE education
FLE 교육에서 자존감 효과 탐색
Lang. Res. 2020;56(3):407-435.
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A Study on the Historical Present in Korean Narrative
서사 담화의 ‘역사적 현재’에 관한 연구
Lang. Res. 2018;54(3):441-467.
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A Case Study on English Test Item Development Training for Secondary School Teachers Using AI Tools: Focusing on ChatGPT
AI 도구를 활용한 중등교사 영어 출제 연수 사례 연구: ChatGPT를 중심으로
Lang. Res. 2023;59(1):21-42.
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Semantics of '-e ha' for psych predicates in Korean
Lang. Res. 2024;60(1):29-53.
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Two Types of there-sentences and Feature Specification
Lang. Res. 2019;55(2):281-314.
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Children’s English Novels Lexically Appropriate for Korean Elementary School Students: A Corpus-Based Study
초등영어 어휘 수준에 적합한 영어 아동문학 작품 탐색: 코퍼스 기반 연구
Lang. Res. 2023;59(1):43-68.
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A Twenty-Year History of the TEPS and Its Prehistory
TEPS 20년의 역사 및 그 전사
Lang. Res. 2019;55(S):1-16.
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Contextualized Existential Constructions in Mandarin Chinese
Lang. Res. 2022;58(3):177-203.
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Exploring VP/vP Preposing in Multiple Nominative Constructions
Lang. Res. 2023;59(2):115-144.
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A Multi-Dimensional Comparison of CSAT English Reading Passages before and after the Use of Criterion-Referenced Assessment
절대평가 도입 전후 수능 영어 읽기 지문의 다차원 비교
Lang. Res. 2022;58(1):61-89.
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Acoustic Study of Speech Accommodation Produced by Korean Language Teachers
한국어 교원의 발화 조절에 대한 음성학적 연구
Lang. Res. 2019;55(1):75-97.
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The Learner Corpora of Spoken English: What Has Been Done and What Should Be Done?
Lang. Res. 2020;56(1):29-51.
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