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The Degrees of Modality of the Grammatical Collocations -nun pep-i-ta and -ki malyen-i-ta
‘-는 법이다’와 ‘-기 마련이다’의 양태 정도성
Lang. Res. 2018;54(1):97-121.
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Effects of types of input frequency distribution on second language construction learning
입력 빈도 분포 유형이 제2언어 구문 학습에 미치는 영향
Lang. Res. 2018;54(3):509-529.
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Flaming in Internet Forums on Abortion: A Contrastive Pragmatic Analysis
낙태에 관한 인터넷 포럼에서의 플레이밍 현상: 대조화용론적 분석
Lang. Res. 2018;54(3):399-422.
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Morphologically Conditioned Phonological Asymmetries in Kyungsang Korean
Lang. Res. 2018;54(1):3-21.
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An -(i)na Disjunction Phrase and a Limited Access to a Scalar Alternative
Lang. Res. 2018;54(3):383-398.
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The Present Situation of French Language Education as a Cultural Subject in Universities
대학 교양 프랑스어 교육 현황 고찰
Lang. Res. 2018;54(1):125-156.
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On the Intervention Effect Caused by Korean -man
Lang. Res. 2018;54(3):423-440.
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Reclassification of Non-alternating Locative Verbs in English
Lang. Res. 2018;54(1):59-77.
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Existentiality and Implicatures
Lang. Res. 2018;54(1):41-58.
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On the Interrogative Ending –nunya/-unya and –ni in Contemporary Korean
현대국어 해라체 의문형 어미 ‘-느냐/으냐, -니’의 변화
Lang. Res. 2018;54(1):79-96.
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Learning Third Language Brings Changes in Executive Function: An ERP Study
Lang. Res. 2017;53(3):445-471.
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A Study on the Historical Present in Korean Narrative
서사 담화의 ‘역사적 현재’에 관한 연구
Lang. Res. 2018;54(3):441-467.
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Exploring the Contrast Transitions of Korean Vowels: An Information-theoretic View
Lang. Res. 2017;53(1):3-21.
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<φ, φ>-less Labeling
Lang. Res. 2018;54(1):23-39.
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Coerced Relative Clauses in Korean
Lang. Res. 2017;53(2):287-320.
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Negative Politeness in Korean Questions: Interaction between Epistemic Uncertainty and Conventional Indirectness
Lang. Res. 2018;54(2):229-247.
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Syntactic Ambiguity Resolution and Task Influence by Korean Learners of English
Lang. Res. 2017;53(2):321-341.
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Korean EFL Learners’ Use of I in English Argumentative Writing: Focusing on Genre-specific and Proficiency-specific Characteristics
Lang. Res. 2018;54(2):357-381.
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Applying Word Embeddings to Measure the Semantic Adaptation of English Loanwords in Japanese and Korean
Lang. Res. 2017;53(3):473-500.
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Typology of Quantifiers and the Mass/Count Distinction: A Case Study of Chinese xie
Lang. Res. 2017;53(3):415-443.
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