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Lanaguage Research. Vol. 53, No. 3, 2017

The Triangle of Referential Chains: Anaphor, Association and Intuitive Equi-reference
지시 연쇄 삼각형: 조응과 연상, 직관적 동일 지시
Lang. Res. 2017;53(3):391-414.
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Typology of Quantifiers and the Mass/Count Distinction: A Case Study of Chinese xie
Lang. Res. 2017;53(3):415-443.
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Learning Third Language Brings Changes in Executive Function: An ERP Study
Lang. Res. 2017;53(3):445-471.
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Applying Word Embeddings to Measure the Semantic Adaptation of English Loanwords in Japanese and Korean
Lang. Res. 2017;53(3):473-500.
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The Prosodic Resolution of Syntactic/Semantic Ambiguity: An Exemplar-based Account
Lang. Res. 2017;53(3):501-524.
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Multiple Relative Clauses: Ordering and Derivation*
Lang. Res. 2017;53(3):525-557.
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Instructional Effects on Voice Onset Time Perception in L2 Speech Segmentation
Lang. Res. 2017;53(3):561-585.
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