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Lanaguage Research. Vol. 59, No. 1, 2023

The Role of Usage-Based Indices as Indicators of Syntactic Growth in Second Language Writing
Lang. Res. 2023;59(1):1-19.
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A Case Study on English Test Item Development Training for Secondary School Teachers Using AI Tools: Focusing on ChatGPT
AI 도구를 활용한 중등교사 영어 출제 연수 사례 연구: ChatGPT를 중심으로
Lang. Res. 2023;59(1):21-42.
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Children’s English Novels Lexically Appropriate for Korean Elementary School Students: A Corpus-Based Study
초등영어 어휘 수준에 적합한 영어 아동문학 작품 탐색: 코퍼스 기반 연구
Lang. Res. 2023;59(1):43-68.
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An Exploratory Study of Acoustic Cues in Stop Production in Gangneung Korean
Lang. Res. 2023;59(1):69-92.
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