List of Articles

Lanaguage Research. Vol. 57, No. 3, 2021

A Study of the Plural Marker ‘-tul’ in Korean
우리말의 복수 표지 ‘-들’에 관한 소고
Lang. Res. 2021;57(3):225-243.
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The Effect of the Interval on VOT Modulation of Voiceless Stops in English
어두 영어 무성 폐쇄음의 VOT 길이 조절에 대한 간격 효과
Lang. Res. 2021;57(3):245-264.
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Quantifiers and Intervention Effects: An Experimental Investigation
Lang. Res. 2021;57(3):265-305.
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Analysis of Dictogloss Tasks using Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy based on Digitalized Collaborative Work
Lang. Res. 2021;57(3):307-328.
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Overt Subjects Signaling Floor Shifts in Korean Discourse
Lang. Res. 2021;57(3):329-354.
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Quantifiers with Split Scope
Lang. Res. 2021;57(3):355-378.
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Single/Multiple Fragments with NUN
Lang. Res. 2021;57(3):379-400.
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