List of Articles

Lanaguage Research. Vol. 56, No. 2, 2020

L2 Korean Speakers’ Thematic Role Resolution in a Psych-predicate Construction
Lang. Res. 2020;56(2):141-165.
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Processing Negative Polarity Items in Korean: Implications from an ERP Study
Lang. Res. 2020;56(2):167-192.
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A Pronoun Analysis of Null Arguments in Korean
Lang. Res. 2020;56(2):193-223.
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The Effects of Phonetic Duration on Loanword Adaptation: Mandarin Falling Diphthong in Chinese Korean
Lang. Res. 2020;56(2):225-261.
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Language Education
Speaking and Writing Connections in L2: The Roles of Multimodal Teaching and Learning
Lang. Res. 2020;56(2):263-286.
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