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Lanaguage Research. Vol. 58, No. 1, 2022

On Some (A)symmetrical Properties of Scramblings
Lang. Res. 2022;58(1):1-30.
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Degree Equative Constructions in English
Lang. Res. 2022;58(1):31-59.
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A Multi-Dimensional Comparison of CSAT English Reading Passages before and after the Use of Criterion-Referenced Assessment
절대평가 도입 전후 수능 영어 읽기 지문의 다차원 비교
Lang. Res. 2022;58(1):61-89.
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Similarities and Differences between Repetitive Constructions with the Bound Nouns twung and tus in Korean
의존명사 ‘둥’/‘듯’ 반복 구성체의 공통점과 차이점
Lang. Res. 2022;58(1):91-118.
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