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Lanaguage Research. Vol. 55, No. S, 2019

A Twenty-Year History of the TEPS and Its Prehistory
TEPS 20년의 역사 및 그 전사
Lang. Res. 2019;55(S):1-16.
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Background and Foundational Research for the Revision of the TEPS
TEPS의 개정 배경과 기초연구
Lang. Res. 2019;55(S):17-36.
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Evidence of Construct Validity for New TEPS
개정 TEPS 구인타당도 검증
Lang. Res. 2019;55(S):37-50.
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Reliability of TEPS Section Scores and the Total Score
TEPS 하위영역 점수 및 총점에 대한 신뢰도 분석
Lang. Res. 2019;55(S):51-64.
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A Validity Argument for the Interpretation and Use of Revised TEPS Scores
개정 TEPS 점수해석 및 사용에 대한 타당도 논증
Lang. Res. 2019;55(S):65-74.
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Linguistic Cultures in SNULT for Second Foreign Languages: The Case of SNULT Chinese and SNULT French Listening Comprehension Sections
제2외국어 SNULT의 언어문화 요소 분석 - 중국어, 프랑스어의 청해시험을 중심으로
Lang. Res. 2019;55(S):75-92.
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Analysis of Question Types in Second Foreign Language SNULT as a Language Testing Tool: Focusing on German and Japanese Tests
언어평가 도구로서의 제2외국어 SNULT 문제 유형 분석 - 독일어와 일본어 시험을 중심으로
Lang. Res. 2019;55(S):93-114.
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